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Sad when aging athletes leave the stage

By G. Romero Wendorf
There are sports fans who can’t stand Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, but I’m not one of them. And I’m going to miss watching him play after he retires this year. For me, despite his one marital infidelity hiccup in 2003, and the resulting brouhaha that caused, the guy’s been a joy to watch play over the years. And unlike LeBron, his head has remained relatively the same size as when he entered the NBA in 1996.
For sports fans, part of the reason we hate to see the greats retire is that it reminds us that we, too, are starting to slow down. Where did our 18-year-old body run off to when it left us behind? You remember, the days of yore when we could sprint without gasping for breath and our joints didn’t scream in pain?

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