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Hidalgo vs. McAllen?

BorderFest SlugFest:
By G. Romero Wendorf
McALLEN – Fight, fight, fight. For years the two cities – McAllen and Hidalgo – have enjoyed a congenial relationship that includes a partnership in the ownership of two international bridges: the old one in downtown Hidalgo and the new Anzalduas Bridge (owners also include the cities of Mission and Granjeno), which opened in December of 2009. But now, at least for the moment, that relationship is indeed strained as the fight over who actually owns the rights to the BorderFest trademark heads to court in a battle billed by some as David (the City of Hidalgo) vs. Goliath (the City of McAllen).
The meat of the battle: where will BorderFest take place this March? In Hidalgo or McAllen?
Meanwhile, McAllen’s mayor, Jim Darling, is saying, stop the presses, we’re not a part of this fight – all we’re doing is hosting this year’s event. Leave us out of it.

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