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The Rich Socialist Disease

Truth Matters

We are told by the 20+ Democrat candidates for president that they want to give us a bunch of free stuff. All this largess will supposedly be paid for by rich individuals and corporations. They not only want to raise taxes on these wealthy people's and companies' earnings, they also want to initiate a “wealth tax” to take away some of their savings. At the same time they assure us we won't have to pay for anything.

There are a few problems, however, in their reasoning. For one thing, if the federal government increased taxes to 100% on all wealthy people and confiscated half of their estates, the money received would only be a drop in the bucked in terms of the money needed for all the free stuff that Democrat presidential candidates are promising. For another thing, corporations don't actually pay taxes. They merely increase the cost of goods and services and pass on the cost of taxes to the general public.



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