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Richard Molina

Edinburg Arrests: Show Me the Beef

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By now, anyone who keeps track of local news already knows that Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina and his wife, Dalia Molina, were arrested last Thursday morning after turning themselves into authorities at the DPS office on N. 281. Their arrests are the culmination of an approximate two-year investigation that was launched, interestingly enough, by former JP Mary Alice Palacios, who is sister to the DA’s mom. For those who struggle with genealogy, that makes her the DA’s aunt.

For District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez, having his aunt aligned with the investigation never quit being a headache; still is, in my opinion. He doesn’t believe his office was compromised because it wasn’t investigating his aunt, after all, but rather, the mayor. If the investigation were centered around his aunt, he said months ago, he would recuse himself and his office; but in this case, the Texas AG’s Office had asked for the help of the Hidalgo County DA, so he said yes. Still, by talking to him, you could tell that it bothered him that some people thought otherwise.



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