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Washington Post profiles McAllen’s border story

Mayor: This is a safe place

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

The Washington Post (WaPo) published a story July 4th about McAllen and its part in the current border-crossing dilleman, which drew approximately 1,000 comments from

With regard to the issue of the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America – mainly from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador – based on the readers’ comments, this country is clearly divided. In fact, if one reads similar stories in other publications about the influx of illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico, the comments pretty much mirror those posted at the end of the WaPo story. There are a lot of people calling each other some vile names. In the comments section, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling was not exempt: “The mayor has both an American and Mexican flag hanging in his office? What would people say if Trump had both an American and a German flag in his office? Would that be okay?”

If you put the Washington Post commenters in a room

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