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San Juan run-off election won’t be soon forgotten

SAN JUAN – This San Juan run-off election for Place 5 set for this Saturday between incumbent Commissioner Pedro “Pete” Garcia and Marco “Markie” Villegas won’t be soon forgotten by either side. This is the sort of election that breaks up friendships. Lawsuits tend to do that. This election will also determine who has majority control on the city commission: the mayor, Commissioner Leonardo “Lenny” Sanchez, and Villegas; or Garcia and Commissioners Jesse Ramirez and “Neto” Guajardo.

Unlike most San Juan elections, this one lacked a slate, but it’s clear who is on whose side.

Funny thing about San Juan, after an election, given enough time, the sides tend to shift. Often, more than once. Today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy.



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