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McAllen isn’t a sanctuary city, so please stop claiming it is

City Commissioner John Ingram:

McALLEN – What are the odds? All McAllen’s incumbent City Commissioner John Ingram needed to avoid the June 22 runoff election was one vote. One Vote.

In a three-way race such as was the case for District 5, all Ingram needed to win another term was 50 percent of the vote, plus one. Not one percent. One vote.

In Donna, this would be the equivalent of packing one nursing home patient into the front seat of a politiquera’s van. Pack in the usual 10, 15 if you leave out “Gordo,” and that would make 50 percent, plus 10 votes, just to add in a little buffer for the recount.

In the three-way race for District 5, Ingram came in first, but he ran into a brick wall when his voter count reached 50 percent. One vote shy of not having to wage a runoff campaign against his challenger, Victor “Seby” Haddad, who has indeed proven to be a viable candidate.



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