Poll times change?

Smart-phone boredom

San Juan politics

San Juan politics, always fun. Better than the TV show “Breaking Bad” or a Mexican novella starring the ever-present drama queen Two if you include her mama grande.

I’m not talking about the candidates, per se, when I mention the San Juan politics of days gone by. For awhile, the politics got a little boring to be honest when it was a one-party town, like San Juan’s version of PRI. It’s their loyal supporters who add flavor and color to the event. It’s just that it’s not as fun outside the polling places these days as it once was – “Eat this, *$#*&.”

Blame it on the stupid smart phone.

In the old days, before the advent of the smart phone, all the action took place outside the polling places as each slate found the perfect spot to camp out. They were like armed camps, and if you were a neutral party, you could move from one camp to the other and listen to what they were saying about the other. None of it good. Great stuff, but I could never print it. Things cooled down if the padre came along, but that wasn’t that often.



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