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News bytes Spider bite upsets news

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I woke up Monday morning with the best of intentions; then I noticed this huge bump on the left side of my neck the size of a nickle. Had a lot of stories to write, but first I had to make my appointment with the cardiologist at 7:30 to see if the heart med he had prescribed (a beta blocker) was doing anything to remedy my cardiomyopathy (damaged heart muscle).

I’m supposed to avoid stress, the cardiologist had suggested when he first saw me about three months ago. Ha, ha, ho, ho. The huge bump on my neck wasn’t helping the stress load. In fact, in the mirror, it was screaming back at me: “Admit it. I’m scaring the $#@% out of you, aren’t I? And you still have to see the heart doc.”

I had to shake my head in acknowledgement, yes, you are. Stories about things such as flesh-eating bacteria were racing through my mind.



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