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On election night 2016, Trump was already being declared a xenophobe in some quarters.

Does it really matter:

Criminal is an illegal?

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Am I a xenophobe? Definition: a person having a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. No, I’m not a xenophobe. In fact, my bloodline is comprised of foreign stock. Actually, I like foreigners more than most Americans I know, which is why my favorite actors are typically foreign, although I have some dislike for Prince Charles, who doesn’t even have to act due to his wealth.

For people with a curious mind, speaking with foreigners offers insight into their respective worlds: their culture, country of origin, what it’s like to live there, what are the taxes like?

Seriously, I find foreigners fascinating as long as they obey our laws, which is what I am required to do both here, where I’ve lived all of my life, and in their country especially. That’s called being a polite visitor.



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