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Judge "Rudy" Delgado

Convicted judge won’t lose pensions

In or out of prison

Delgado Correction

I wrote and published a front-page story last week about the county and state pensions that belong to convicted former state District Court Judge Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado, which stated that thanks to a new state law passed two years ago, he will lose his pensions for life unless he can get his conviction “tossed.”

Unfortunately, the story contained both truth and error. Number one being, Delgado won’t lose his pensions permanently after all. However, any judges and/or other public officials who have accepted bribes after the new law was signed by the governor June 6, 2017, and who are convicted of the crime, will indeed lose their pensions, but only while they are incarcerated and/or under supervised probation.

So contrary to what I wrote last week, despite Delgado’s conviction in federal court earlier this month (July 11) on eight federal felony counts all related to bribery, he is good to go as far as his county and state pensions are concerned due to the fact that the law went into effect after some of his crimes were committed.



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