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What I want for Christmas:

A Pit-Bull VX SWAT Truck.

Driving in Hidalgo County, home to the new $150 million courthouse, pre-change orders that will no doubt add up during its planned 30-month construction, is now becoming serious; and I’ve been living here for 40 years, give or take. It now seems that not a week goes by that there isn’t a fatal car crash, and most of them are tied to an intoxicated driver, who, ironically, isn’t the one who dies in the crash.

I’ve sold my fiberglass sports car, and now I’m sticking with my 2014 Ford F-150, which is the last year that Ford built the truck out of steel. Since then, the body is built out of “military grade aluminum,” whatever that means, aside from a sales gimmick.

Are the army tanks really driving around in enemy territory made out of aluminum or steel? I’m guessing steel, but I could be wrong. No matter, I’m sticking with steel.

The other difference is the weight. My F-150 weighs 700 pounds more than the newer models (military-grade aluminum). When some 20-yearold drunk plows into the side of my truck, do I really want to be in a truck that weighs 700 pounds less than the one I’m driving now? Uh, no.

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