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By G. Romero Wendorf

EDINBURG – As most people already know, the U.S. Supreme Court (either friend or foe depending upon one’s point of view), ruled 5-4 last week that gay marriage is now the law of the land across all 50 states. Obviously, some aren’t pleased

On some Valley social media pages, some conservative Christians weren’t happy with the ruling: “Sad day to be an American,” wrote Marty Moore, local businessman.

While others rejoiced: “Glad to see they came to the right conclusion. Before anybody starts bashing my post or starts with the Bible quotes, I respect your opinion. Please respect mine,” wrote Celeste Guerra, local attorney.

Up in Edinburg at the county courthouse, County Clerk Arturo Guajardo Jr. posted a photo on his Facebook page of the firstgay couple to exercise their right to be granted a same-sex marriage certificatein Hidalgo County.

“They waited 13 years,” wrote Guajardo. “Congratulations to Siria and Beatriz.”

The comments posted on Guajardo’s Facebook page, as well as at least one email sent to this newspaper, in response to the local news (copy edited below for grammar and punctuation) were either glad or mad:

  • “Yay.”
  •  “Congratulations.”
  • “It appears that you don’t believe in God.”
  • “Ur right, Servando Villarreal! I totally agree. They don’t believe in God. It’s obvious!”
  • “I have no respect for Demos and their leader obeaner.”
  • In response to the above post: “You say that like we're supposed to give a (expletive) what you think or write. LOL!! Go away! Your hate is wasted on this thread.”
  • “Thank you, Arturo, for not judging.”
  • “Expect more rainfall, RGV.”
  • “God destroyed a city for this. Damn. I’m going to need to move to New Zealand.” (ed. note: Same-sex marriage became legal in New Zealand two years ago.)
  • “Congrats to you, Art, for having the guts to post this in light of the negative feedback you'll get from the Religious Right. But it's like I've said many a time: God is Love. God is not the Bible. And if God were the Bible, and Jesus supposedly said He came not to change the law, then why have Jews and Christians quit stoning unruly teens and adulterers as commanded they do so in the book of Leviticus? People want to cherry pick the Bible to suit their own beliefs. And as Leviticus too points out, if you rape a virgin, as long as you pay off her dad and marry her, you're good to go. Please. We change with the times as civilized people do. Would I kiss a guy? No. Do I believe they have the right to marry if they love one another? Yes. As do lesbians. Again, good for you, Art, to be willing to stand up and take the heat.”
  • “New Sodom.”
  • “Not good, according to the Bible.”
  • “Congrats to them. Everyone deserves to be happy with whomever they choose.”
  • “I guess 13 is their lucky number.”
  • “Thank you, (Arturo Guajardo), for being on the right side of history. You could have made things difficultfor them by stalling but you chose to follow the ruling. You did the right thing here. Again, thank you.”
  • “You know, I listen to all this same-sex marriage (expletive), and I have a different take on it. Why don’t we go ahead and let all the (male homosexuals marry the (male homosexuals) and all the (lesbians) marry all the (lesbians). Wouldn’t you think that in a generation or two there would be a whole lot less idiot Democrats being born to screw up the rest of the world?”

Of course, the Republicans have their very own gay organization called the Log Cabin Republicans, whose mission statement reads:

“Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s original and largest organization representing gay conservatives and allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality for all Americans. Log Cabin Republicans has state and local chapters nationwide, full-time staff in Washington, DC, a federal political action committee, and state political action committees.”

And, too, the Supreme Court Justice who swung the vote 5-4 in favor of gay marriage last Friday is Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Reagan appointee.

So it’s hard to argue that there are not conservative gay people taking part in the electorate process.

In response to the public comments posted on his Facebook page announcing the granting of the county’s firs same-sex marriage license last Friday, County Clerk Guajardo said, “There will be lots of opinions on the issue. Probably for weeks and months to come. It’s not for me to like or dislike or agree or disagree. The Supreme Court ruled, so I’m doing my job, which is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this state, so help me God.”

For his part, on Guajardo’s Facebook page, Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Jaime “Jerry” Muñoz volunteered to perform the ceremony.

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