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TOP LEFT: Chief Baudelio Castillo

Charges against former cop dismissed

Alamo TRO bounced to Friday

Alamo is facing two lawsuits, or will presumably face two lawsuits, and both involve the PD. The city (defendant) stands in the crosshairs of both, while the city’s police chief (plaintiff) takes aim along with the sergeant he once fired.

In one corner, stands Alamo Police Chief Baudelio Castillo who is asking a state District Court judge, Marla Cuellar of the 275th, to grant him a permanent injunction in place of the temporary restraining order (TRO) currently in place, so that the Alamo city commission majority can’t vote to terminate him.

The city has countered, filing a plea to the jurisdiction (rough translation -- deals with the issue of a city’s sovereign immunity vs. jurisdiction over it by a district court judge in the case of a lawsuit). In essence, the plea means that a city (a government institution) cannot be sued.



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