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Jerry Jackson

“Jerry” Jackson’s fraud trial set for Nov. 27th in district court

As a follow-up to the story published by The Advance News Journal Aug. 30 concerning the arrest of Gerardo “Jerry” Jackson and the physician for whom he once worked, Osama Nahas, the trial dates have since been set.

Both men have been charged with Medicaid Fraud in excess of $200,000.

In Jackson’s case, the trial is set for Nov. 27 and will take place inside the courtroom of state District Court Judge “Bobby” Flores (the 139th). Nahas has a Pre-trial/Trial date set for Nov. 28th.

As mentioned in the Aug. 30th story, for those who know him, Gerardo “Jerry” Jackson has held many jobs over the years, as both a paid employee and community volunteer, organizer; mainly in the Pharr, McAllen, San Juan, and Edinburg areas.

Jackson’s work throughout Hidalgo County dates back at least 22 years to when he was doing volunteer work with the old Pharr Chamber of Commerce, the Pharr Boys and Girls Club, and Pharr’s Police Athletic League (PAL) where he was once a paid employee (grant writer).

Currently he’s working as a business development consultant for an area nursing home.

This past May, Jackson and Nahas were arrested and charged with defrauding Medicaid in excess of $200,000 (two counts).

The two men have a shared history. Jackson worked for Nahas at his Crosspoint Medical Clinic for approximately five years before the two men parted ways in approximately 2012.

In approximately 2014, Nahas contacted the Edinburg PD and said that Jackson had stolen money from him in the approximate amount of $5,000. After police investigated the allegation, Jackson was arrested. He claimed his innocence and pleaded not-guilty.

The case against Jackson was dismissed in December 2015, also coincidentally in the same courtroom (Bobby Flores) in which he now finds himself, but only after he made full restitution to Nahas, according to court documents.

At the time, according to a confidential source, Jackson was claiming that the theft had nothing to do with money, per se, but rather, after he left the doctor’s employment, he simply wasn’t aware that the Crosspoint Medical Clinic was continuing to pay his car insurance two years after his departure.

According to the criminal complaint, however, Jackson’s former employer, Osama Nahas, MD, said as his former office manager, Jackson somehow still secretly retained access to his bank account info even after he had left the medical clinic.

The 2017 Felony Charge

Now, both Jackson and Nahas are back together, but not in a good way, so to speak. Both have been charged with defrauding Medicaid in excess of $200,000 between approximately January 2009 and February 2012.

According to the grand jury indictment handed down four months ago, both men were involved in some sort of scam in which Medicaid patients were being given some sort of a service or some sort of a product while not under the direct supervision of a licensed physical therapist or physician.

That charge comprised the first felony count for which both men are charged.

The second felony count charges both men with making false statements related to the products and services mentioned in the first count.

Both men have pleaded notguilty and remain innocent until proven guilty.

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